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2412 Bryan Front
2412 Bryan Ave
Venice, CA

Located in the Silver Triangle neighborhood of Venice, this transformation of a 1940s bungalow offers an imaginative alternative to the 'Big Box Modern.'  Opting for highly articulated massing with generous yards, the design prioritizes the integration of interior and exterior living spaces.  Giant glass openings bathe the house in clear coastal light.  Natural building materials imbue the minimalist design with a warm, vibrant character.  4 outdoor decks on 2 levels allow for easy access to lush landscaping and cool ocean breezes.  Behind mature trees, a sail-like louver screen gives the facade its distinctive image while sheltering a soaring, elevated main living and dining room that opens to Venice's nightly twilight sky show.

At once exuberant and refined, 2412 Bryan artfully carries forth Venice's legacy of architectural invention.

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