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about the firm:

Principal Andy Liu started 10-19 Architecture in late 2008 after a distinguished 10-year run in the office of celebrated American architect Frank Gehry.

Since its inception, 10-19 Architecture has  built a portfolio of inventive, forward-looking projects in the Los Angeles area. 10-19's commissions range from additions and remodels for private individuals, to restaurants and commercial spaces, to multi-unit residential buildings for development companies.  During its history, the firm has established a sterling reputation with clients, builders, consultants, and regulatory agencies.

  • We embrace a modern, progressive vision of design.  Art and design must always help us move forward and improve upon the past, not simply repeat it.

  • Our buildings and spaces, while ambitious and abstract, always project a sense of warmth and function.

  • We strive to create buildings that responsibly preserve and enhance our existing built and natural environments.


There is never a 'better' or more alluring project than the one directly in front of us.  This simple ethos fuels our search for invention and clarity.  It drives our determination to follow every commission through from beginning to end, and it helps us continually exceed clients’ expectations by transforming projects and sites into extraordinary buildings and inspiring spaces.


10-19 Architecture employs the small-office model, with each commission providing the principal and a team of talented staff architects the chance to engage deeply and collaboratively in the work.

For employment inquiries, please send an email introducing yourself, along with a resume and portfolio (link or PDF).

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