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664 Sunset Ave
(corner of Sunset and 7th Ave)
Venice, CA

664 Sunset Ave is a Small Lot Subdivision, the product of an innovative City of Los Angeles ordinance allowing the partitioning of single lots in multi-dwelling zones.  Since their inception, Small Lot Subdivisions have stimulated the growth of housing density and are popular in areas like Venice where rising prices threaten to put home ownership out of reach for many. 

664 Sunset proposes 3 new single family houses on what was formerly one large corner lot.  Situated in a densely-populated area six blocks from the beach, the project provides three approximately 2,000 sf houses on lots of roughly 2,200 sf each.  Three stories and articulated with a variegated, appealing roof line, the project drew praise from Los Angeles City Planning as a 'model subdivision design'. The California Coastal Commission also lauded the project for its ability to 'create context' for its modern architecture.  Among the project's many unique and neighborhood-friendly features are the enclosed 2-car garages for each unit with side-by-side parking and highly articulated yet visually unified building facades.

​10-19 Architecture handled all aspects of design and permitting for the project, successfully navigating a complex, multi-year entitlement process involving numerous city and state agencies and several public hearings.

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