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1620 Electric Ave
Venice, CA

Situated less than a block away from the heart of Venice's Abbot Kinney district, 1620 Electric Ave is a new house featuring 5 bedrooms, a pool, and basement-level rec and screening rooms.

With an extraordinarily efficient open floor plan inside the exterior shell of a much smaller home, the house provides over 3,500 sf of elegant, light-filled living space on a 40' x 100' lot.  The decidedly modern design reinvigorates the neighborhood by weaving in contextual elements (pitched roof, porches, overhangs, wood cladding, and lush planting) to create an architectural image that is at once completely new and yet firmly rooted (in scale and in appearance) to one of Venice's most interesting and eclectic streets.

10-19 Architecture provided all architectural design and obtained all permits, including Coastal Development Permit.