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Salt's Cure
7494 Santa Monica Blvd (original location)
West Hollywood, CA

At Salt's Cure, 10-19 Architecture found a kindred entrepreneurial spirit in rising chef Christopher Phelps. Together, we partnered in 2009 to convert a defunct clothing store into a dynamic creative cooking/eating space where Phelps and fellow chef Zak Walters could ply their craft.​  We made use of each element (range hood, exposed electrical conduit, existing brick wall) made available to us under the extremely limited budget.  We enclosed the prep and cooking zone with a redwood counter and made it the visual and social heart of the 40-seat eatery.  Likened to a 'boxing ring' by the restaurant's patrons, the counter/grill dovetailed perfectly with the chefs' hands-on style.  As in an arena, the experience of watching and interacting with the chefs up close around the counter has turned countless customers into devoted fans.


A true 'start-up,' Salt's Cure was very much a hand-made and at times, 'self-made' project.   We're proud of our integral role in the restaurant's founding and in its continued success in LA's culinary scene. 

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